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Folkscanomy Computer: Books on Computers and Programming
by Digital Equipment Corporation
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Digital At Work tells the story of the first thirty-five years of Digital Equipment Corporation and illuminates the origins of its unique culture. First person accounts from past and present members of the Digital community, industry associates, board members, and friends - plus a wealth of photos from Digital's archives - trace the company's evolution from the 1950s to present.
Topics: Digital Equipment Corporation, DEC, computers, computing, computer history, PDP-1, PDP-5, PDP-8,...
Community Texts
by Canon, for Apple Computer Inc.
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The Apple StyleWriter was a low-cost ink-jet printer introduced in 1991. It was one of the first low-cost, high resolution ink jet printers, making "laser quality" printing available to consumers for just a few hundred dollars. These are the blueprints for most of the printer's molded parts. The printer was originally manufactured by Canon for Apple, hence the annotations on the drawings are in Japanese.
Topics: StyleWriter, Apple, blueprints, printer, ink-jet